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Kyme & Tasha

We met 5 years ago when I advertised for welders (I was Branch Manager of a day labor service). Tasha is a welder and applied for the job. I thought she was incredibly cute – but very young. She pursued and I refused – because of the age difference. But she was as persistent as she is cute. I finally agreed to meet her and shoot a game of pool. She’s very good at pool and is oh so hot when she’s playing. After that, I invited her to join me at a Melissa Ferrick show. Something about the way she looked at me all night really did it for me – I could tell by the look in her eyes that she really was interested in me.

Well, 5 years later we’re still together. We’ve moved from Nashville, TN – where we were living when we met – to Alabama. I’m from Alabama and moved back home after the birth of my first grandchild. We both loved Nashville, but we also both love family more. So, we went from a great city to a small town in Alabama. We’ve have many ups and downs – but have gotten through them all and always end up back together.

We were together through her mother’s battle with cancer; now my mother is facing the same battle. Good times or bad, we can’t imagine our lives without one another. We compliment each other so well – we bring out the best in each other.

I have a beautiful daughter and an amazing son. Tasha is very close with both of them – as well as with my adorable grandson. After the wedding we plan to begin working on starting our own family.

Forever and 2 days.....

Love Inspiration

Our desire to be a family and have a family together

Fast Facts

First met: October 10, 2004
First date: November 17, 2004
Got engaged: August 14, 2009
Ceremony location: Sheffield, Alabama
Favorite planning resource: Internet
Honeymoon destination: Gulf Shores

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: "It's about time!"
Our wedding colors: Orange
We will be wearing: Long beige skirt/ivory blouse - beige pants/ivory shirt
Who proposed to who: Tasha proposed to Kyme
Our last name will be: Smith-Towry

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