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Kristeen Nicole & Debbie Samanta

Debbie is a playful and spirited individual who loves reading, videogames, and playing raquetball.

Kristeen is an optimistic and warm-hearted individual who loves reading, writing, and watching movies.


Debbie’s Version: She said she didn’t like me. I wasn’t liking too many people either after just moving back to a city I considered backwards. She didn’t let up with the sarcasm and neither did I. We soon realized we had loads in common. Feeling adventurous I ventured downtown one day and found an unassuming little English pub. I asked her for a drink and she said yes. Over Smirnoffs and old dusty books I fell. I fell and keep falling more and more each day.

Kristeen’s Version: We met at work. I remember when she first vame over to sit near me, and I felt for her because she was separated from anyone she knew. I wanted to include her in the little clique on my side of the floor, and had my own way of doing so. Needless to say, the first time I spoke to her, I said I didn’t like her in a sarcastic, jokingly kind of way. She instantly smiled, appreciating my sense of humor. It wasn’t long before we were inseparable. I remember many nights standing at her desk talking when I should have been leaving, but it was a certain Friday at my house that she taught me that everything about me could be loved rather than just pieces of me. I’ve been hooked ever since.


Debbie and Kristeen have known since the beginning of their courtship that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Love vows were made within a month of being together, and promise rings were exchanged shortly after. Kristeen asked Debbie to marry her while walking on campus one day, and she presented an engagement ring a few months later. With tears in both of their eyes, Debbie said yes, and so the beginning of the rest of their lives in underway.

Love Inspiration

Our undying love for each other. From day one, we have never been able to stand being away from each other.

Fast Facts

First met: Work
First date: Movie and dinner
Got engaged: June 8, 2007

In Case You Were Wondering

Who proposed to who: Kristeen proposed to Debbie
Our last name will be: Croasdaile

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