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Katie & Lauren

We met in San Diego on December 17th 2011. Lauren’s best friend, Cat, had surprised her with a trip to San Diego to celebrate her new found freedom and appreciation for everything in life. The First night Cat and Lauren were in town they went out to celebrate. Everything fell into place that night like it was meant to. Katie was out celebrating her graduation and we ended up in the same place at the same time at exactly the right time. We knew instantly this was something neither of us had experienced before. With one look Katie knew Lauren, and Lauren knew Katie.

After Lauren went home to New Mexico, Katie and her were in a deeply committed relationship. Within a week we needed to see each other. Katie drove out to New Mexico and spent New Years eve with Lauren. On January 3rd we knew we would marry each other.

Katie moved to New Mexico for a few months until we both decided San Diego was where we needed to be. We moved back in May of 2012 and currently live in San Diego.

July 21st we had the most beautiful wedding either of us could have ever dreamed of. It was on Coronado beach. Our flowers were orchids and absolutely stunning. Our ceremony was performed by Reverend Deborah Young and she tailored everything to fit us perfectly.

Our reception was held in a beautiful rented house with a beautiful pool and spa, as well as two waterfalls. It was stunning. We can’t wait to see what our future holds for us and we couldn’t be happier.

Love Inspiration


Fast Facts

First met: In San Diego
First date: December 21st
Got engaged: January 3rd 2012
Ceremony date: 07/20/2012
Ceremony location: Coronado Beach
Honeymoon destination: Alaskan Cruise

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Our Wedding
Our wedding colors: Turquoise, green and blue
We will be wearing: White beach dresses
Our last name will be: Fisher
We are registered at: Target

Looking Back on the Big Day

First Dance song: Christina Perri - Thousand Years

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