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leticia & bj

Where do I start at……Lets see..Bj and I met at a club one night and I was introduced to her by my bestfriend. She right away caught my eye and now and forever she will have my heart! I have a little girl who is about 12 years old and I know this transition is hard for her but still she loves me and Bj just the same! We have a happy little family I like to call it…I would do anything for the two of them. I didnt know what love was until the day Bj walked into my life…Yea sure we have had our ups and downs but we always made it thru them….Now its time to start planning the BIG DAY!! She is everything I hope for and wish for in a spouse for the rest of my life!! I am so in love with her as she is with me, We cant go one day without saying I love you to one another and kisses one another every 5 seconds…Everyone says this is just a honeymoon stage for us, but I dont believe it bc here it is goin on almost 2 years and were still doing it! Well will let you know how that day goes everyone, wish me luck and Bj i love you baby always and forever!!


Love Inspiration


Fast Facts

First met: at a club
First date: January 28,2006
Got engaged: September 19,2008
Ceremony date: 11/21/2010
Ceremony location: debating right now
Favorite planning resource: google.com/ebay.com
Honeymoon destination: Key West

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Time to become One Voice
Our wedding colors: black,white,red and silver
We will be wearing: I am wearing a bridal dress and Bj in a suit
Who proposed to who: Bj proposed to Tisha
Our last name will be: Floyd

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