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lisa & tanya

well we met online a year ago and we were talking for awhile then we lost track of each other until a year ago and we met up and it was love at first sight and a couple months later she was really stressed and she tried to kill herself twice and i tried all i could and i felt like i was doing eveything wrong so i stepped back for awhile and when she got herself together she made a complete turnaround which made me lover her even more and we dont ever argue anymore and i cant see myself without her.

your a special gem

Love Inspiration

my partner

Fast Facts

First met: jue 10,2009
First date: june12,2009
Got engaged: janauary23,2010
Ceremony date: 02/25/2011

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: a beautiful thing
Our wedding colors: lavander and ivory
We will be wearing: a lavander dress and white tux
Who proposed to who: she proposd to me
Our last name will be: jackson

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