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Laura & Geraldine

I met the love of my life on my 33rd birthday! Geraldine was the roommate of a friend of mine, and was invited to join in my birthday dinner. After that, we connected on Facebook, and a couple of months later decided to meet up again. On our first planned outing we had such a good time that I told a friend, “THAT is exactly what I want to have with someone. She gets me.”

Our relationship is truly extraordinary. Through each stage and transition, every challenge has allowed for us to strengthen our bond and deepen our understanding of ourselves and each other. We are committed to continue to grow as individuals, and know that our connection to one another is on such a level that it can only evolve. That is why we are choosing to invite our beloved friends and family to bear witness to a ceremony around our love and dedication to each other. We believe our relationship is a most incredible gift that serves to make us better for this world, and we honor this gift by celebrating it through marriage.

Planning our wedding is proving to be most fun! As we sift through tradition and embrace the elements we want to bring into our ceremony, we are also aware that we are part of a movement that is socially and politically still groundbreaking and therefore somewhat less paved terrain! This gives us permission to co-create an experience as unique as our relationship. We feel blessed to step forth with each other in this very special partnership and declare that our love is sacred, our commitment real, and our ceremony spiritually binding. We pray that the government sees us as wed, but know in our hearts that we will be, regardless of politics.

Thank you for your blessings!

Much Love,

Laura and Geraldine

"A Surprising Result"

Love Inspiration

Aligning our present dreams with our future plans. It seems to be the next right indicated action!

Fast Facts

First met: 6-19-10
First date: 8-26-10
Got engaged: 2-12-12
Ceremony location: Los Angeles, CA
Favorite planning resource: Pinterest, budgetsavvybride.com, soyoureenGAYged.com
Honeymoon destination: Hawaii!

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Our Wedding
Our wedding colors: Powder blue, light yellow, pink and white
We will be wearing: Laura will be in a dress, Geraldine will be dapper in a suit
Who proposed to who: Geraldine proposed to Laura
Our last name will be: Loveless

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