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Lauren & Jackie


It was a good friend that brought the two of us together, at the time. You see, a group of our friends always got together on Saturdays to go out to eat and watch one of our favorite shows afterward. It was always a blast! That was where we met one another for the very first time.

Upon walking into the room, I thought I saw the most beautiful woman in the world. She was really cute and very happy! I didn’t even know what to say the first time I saw her other than hi! Lol.

She was an art student going to college in a very rural New Hampshire town (Chester) that was about two hours away from the college I went to. After showing me some of her work, I mentioned that I was an elementary education and sociology major at Keene State College in Keene, NH.

~Needless to say, we became friends right away~

There were a few months that we did not speak to each other due to technological difficulties, as well as some problems in our lives. When we both went back to school from winter break however, we began to talk again.

It was about two months later when the two of us became a couple. At first it was a very rocky start, but in the end we came out strong. She eventually transferred up to Keene State College where we spend our days hitting the books, watching movies,doing various crafts together, and much much more.

We love one another very much despite the highs and lows we have been through. It is today (April 30, 2009) that I proposed to the love of my life at a carnival right on our school grounds! It was a resounding yes! I can’t think of anything better than this.

~Everything I do, I do it for you~

Love Inspiration

Each Other~*~

Fast Facts

First met: October 20, 2007
First date: Performance of Vagina Monologues
Got engaged: April 30, 2009
Ceremony location: Undecided
Favorite planning resource: gayweddings.com
Honeymoon destination: Perhaps Italy?

In Case You Were Wondering

Who proposed to who: Lauren proposed to Jackie
Our last name will be: Savary-Grande

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