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Courtney & Melissa

We met at Jen’s (her sister my best friend) baby shower. She had a girlfriend at the time and I had a…. lets just say it was complicated. When we first saw each other there was an immediate attraction! We pretty much spent the entire shower staring at each other across the room! (Mostly Mel staring at me 😉 And then Mel came over and talked to me afterwards. We sat and talked for hours. We exchanged numbers because Mel wanted a new job and my company was hiring. Mel and I did not really talk other than her coming in to apply and I interviewed her. There were a couple of emails exchanged about how we needed to get together. I saw Mel at the hospital when Mila was born and at Jen’s other daughters birthday. It was a lot of awkward staring and flirting with the eyes. The first time we hung out socially…… Mel, Jen, Becca and I went to Brew House. Neither one of us were technically single but the CHEMISTRY WAS STRONG. We flirted and talked and talked. Mel and her ex broke up in October 2005 and Jen told me I should email her and check on her. So I did and we prett much started talking everyday shortly after the first email. We went on a couple of awkward pre-dates (you know, Harry Potter movie and a strip club!). Mel persued and I declined but her persistance paid off! We fell in love. We share all of our hopes, dreams, aspirations………… our lives are completely intertwined! We are best friends, lovers, partners in crime and soulmates. I do not remember my life before her and I can not imagine my life with out her! We can not wait to start our family!!

How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you? ~Lifehouse

Love Inspiration

We are deeply in love! We are best friends, lovers and soulmates!

Fast Facts

First met: We met at her sister/my best friends baby shower.
First date: Our first date was January 28th 2006, we ate sushi ;)
Got engaged: Mel proposed on April 20th 2007.
Ceremony location: The Atrium in historic Norcross
Favorite planning resource: The Knot
Honeymoon destination: Bora Bora

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: a marriage. We are no different than any other couple!
Our wedding colors: Black, White and Red (NOT UGA COLORS)
We will be wearing: I will be wearing a dress and Mel will be wearing a suit.
Who proposed to who: Mel proposed to me!
Our last name will be: Forbes-Cobb

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