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Shannon & Misty

We met in September 2004. The setting sounds so cliche–it was a bar–but the circumstances were anything but. We live in Jacksonville, Florida, you see, and that particular day found close to 100 lesbians gathered together to distract ourselves from the 4th major hurricane of that season that was bearing down on our state. For Shannon, it was a definite escape as all that afternoon held for her were endless hours glued to the T.V. for any news regarding the fate of her parents in south Florida–they’d already taken a beating from Charlie and Frances, and had escaped to a safe shelter. Ever the pragmatists, Shannon’s parents harbored no delusions about the ability of thier house to survive another storm. When her friend Lauren called to let her know that the bridges had reopened after being closed due to high winds, Shannon made a mad dash for the Norm.

Standing at a table with several friends, Shannon’s eye was caught by a blonde tomboy with a face that screamed FARM GIRL! That, of course, was Misty and she did grow up on a corn farm…this was one of the thousands things we discussed on that storm filled Sunday afternoon. But first, introductions were required as neither of these social butterflies could recollect ever meeting. Lauren, who knows everyone, was able to supply Shannon with the name of the intriguing and HOT stranger; done with much eyerolling on Lauren’s part as she’d seen this glassy-eyed look on her friend’s face before! Shannon, bless her heart, chose a less than subtle approach to obtaining an introduction to Misty and just stared at her. It worked! Neither can say how much time passed while we talked and talked and talked. Both from small towns, broken families and alumni of rehab facilities, the connection we made that day was not easily dismissed–not even when Shannon excused herself to take a call and came back to find Misty with a girl attached to her lips! It seems Misty’s GIRLFRIEND had been able to make it after all. Shannon left soon thereafter, but couldn’t shake that day from her mind. When presented with the opportunity, she passed her number to a mutual friend and left it up to fate. Misty was ecstatic to know that this girl she thought about day and night had been affected the same way. One phone call led to another, Misty broke-up with the girlfriend, (sort of), and Shannon opened herself up to a fling with a younger woman. The gap was 4 1/2 years with each of us being on the verge of their self-imposed dating cutoffs; Shannon couldn’t date an “80’s baby”–Misty was born October ’79–and Misty couldn’t possibly date a 30 year old–Shannon had turned 29 that May. However, our fling turned serious and feelings were intense. This set the tone for the next couple of years. With equal intensity applied to fighting, lying, cheating and hating, it did not appear as though our “connection” was anymore special than any other; except for the fact that it just WAS. Christmas season 2005 found us living together and trying to make a real go of it. It the spirit of that commitment, Misty got a hotel room at the beach and kidnapped Shannon. It was there, during a freezing, sleety storm, that Misty said these words, “let me do this before I throw-up”, and placed a ring box on Shannon’s stomach. There was much “yessing” and crying…phone calls and picture messages…followed by a beautiful night together. By that summer, Misty had moved out. There were several factors that led to that decision, but in the months that followed, both of us grew up. We both found a way to love ourselves and honor an inner peace that enabled a stronger love. So, Misty came home in April. A couple of months prior, Misty had asked Shannon to starte wearing her ring again, so, once the dust had settled and our home was once again “ours”, it was time to begin moving toward a committed life together.

Here we are. Planning our wedding. Ready to give in to this thing that is bigger than ourselves…that has endured and given us both the love we have always wanted, but never felt we deserved. AUGUST 8, 2008….HERE WE COME!

I don't see how you could ever be anything but mine...

Love Inspiration

Shannon's parents and Misty's grandparents

Fast Facts

First met: Hurricane Party!!!
First date: Dinner @ E Street followed by a game of pool at Bo's
Got engaged: December 2005
Ceremony date: 08/07/2008
Ceremony location: The Glen in Glen St. Mary, Fl
Honeymoon destination: Secluded cabin in the Smokey Mountains

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Our Wedding
Our wedding colors: Green Blue w/ Yellow accents
We will be wearing: Light and summery dresses/shorts
Who proposed to who: Misty proposed to Shannon
Our last name will be: Henson

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