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Chrys & Jacquelyn

We met in the most unlikely of places at our friend and sisters funeral back in 2010. We got together on 12-11-10 and after much hardship and a rocky beginning, we were engaged and married on 9-10-11. now that Washington has made it legal to marry same-sex couples, my wife reproposed to me on my birthday this year 2-2-13 and we decided for our 2yr anniversary we would remarry once legally in washington and again in Idaho where we reside. We are crazy about each other and couldnt imagine our lives without the other and this recommitting ourselves to one another is another huge step in our journey of life! =)

Positive Randomness

Love Inspiration

Our sister Amanda Young

Fast Facts

First met: October of 2010
First date: December of 2010
Got engaged: two different times
Ceremony location: Washington
Favorite planning resource: any wedding site
Honeymoon destination: unknown

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Recommitment Ceremony
Our wedding colors: purple blue and silver
We will be wearing: dress and tux
Who proposed to who: depends on the time
Our last name will be: Monroe

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