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Quanita & Kiona

Quanita : when I first met her(on aug. 30) I was going throw some problems with my ex-girlfriend. when she walked into the gym my heart skipped a beat. and every time I walked past or saw her i was nervous. so you can say she made the first move which it took us all the way to Dec. 12. 06.

Kiona: and that was because someone was scared to come and talk to me and i was confused so many people were telling me that she liked me but i didn’t know if she was two different people are one person[ every one was calling her by her first name:quanita, and others were calling her shae]

q: that was because true friends knew my nickname but anyways, every since i saw that day i couldn’t get her out of my mind and i knew she was the one and from that day i’ve been fight for what i can’t live without( her)=]

Fight for the one you can't live without not the one you can live with

Fast Facts

First met: offically 12.12.06
First date: 3.17.07
Got engaged: 09.30.07
Ceremony location: stilling looking

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: wedding
Our wedding colors: green,blue,purple
We will be wearing: dress/tux
Who proposed to who: quanita proposed to kiona
Our last name will be: Freeman

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