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Brianne & Julie

It is sharing and caring, Giving and forgiving, Loving and being loved, Walking hand in hand, Talking heart to heart, Seeing through each other's eyes, Laughing together, Weeping together, Praying together, And always trusting, always believing -H.S. Rice

Love Inspiration

"a better word for love"

Fast Facts

First met: online
First date: Starbucks, June 25, 2010
Got engaged: bought rings, but it hasn't happened offically
Ceremony location: Northeast or Mid-west (still deciding)

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Covenant Commitment Service
Our wedding colors: Peacock Inspired (purple, teal and silver)
We will be wearing: Brianne: dress with a jacket. Julie: pant-suit
Who proposed to who: We shopped for rings together on 10-30-10
Our last name will be: Mudarrie-Jurs
We are registered at:

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