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Necole & Davena

You may wonder why we picked such a simple quote, “True Love Conquers All”, for us it doesn’t seem so simple. Most couple goes through trial and tribulations in their relationships, but we feel ours have endured the test of time over such a short period of time. No matter what we went through, the disagreements, the personal issues, friendships, opinions, WHATEVER it was, we always remembered how much we loved each other. We were and still is willing to stand by that love we have for each other and know that it will get us through everything we have to go through, why…? It got us this far, it can take us even further. So, never judge a book by its cover, and when you have love, faith, commitment, and most of all HONESTY.. what else could possibly go wrong? This is definitely TRUE LOVE, and we going to hold on to it as long as we can

True Love Conquers All...

Fast Facts

First met: Phila, Pa... 2006
First date: Washington, DC at IHOP... lolz yep we love that place
Got engaged: Richmond, Va at Red Lobster in front of Nec's best friend
Ceremony date: 08/14/2009
Ceremony location: Massachuetts, but reception in out hometown of DC
Favorite planning resource: Rae Rae
Honeymoon destination: VIV LAS VEGAS!!

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Commitment of our Love
Our wedding colors: Lilac, Silver, and Cream
We will be wearing: TBD
Who proposed to who: Necole proposed to Davena
Our last name will be: Robinson
We are registered at:

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