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Denise & Lydana

Me and my babez been together for 1 year and 6months.We met at work, she wuz my supervisior.We never use to see eye to eye. So,it’s kinda strange that we fell in luv the way we did.We wuz at work one day and 1 of my friends dared us to kiss,so we did.We new it didn’t mean nothing but as time went by, we start changing and falling for each other.We had our first date and it wuz on after that.I met her family and she met mines, her family feel in luv wit instinctly.My kidz luv her,althought my mom haven’t met her yet.She will soon.My babez,is wut I call her, proposed to me on October 18,2008.I luv her so much,I can’t even keep it together when I’m around her.She is my sun and the moon, I can’t even imagine being without her.I luv my babez, she got my heart.

I luv u

Love Inspiration

The joy we bring one another.

Fast Facts

First met: March 2007
First date: April 2007
Got engaged: October 2008
Honeymoon destination: Trinidad

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: A New Day
Our wedding colors: Peaches and Cream
Who proposed to who: Babez
Our last name will be: Martin

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