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tarra & nichole

Me and Tarra are two different people we both enjoy home but I do more so then she. We are both two free spirted individuals who strongluy believe in family. I met Tarra off the internet and when we first met we where friends, she was in a relationship with someone else but I’ve always encouraged her to fight for her relationship if it was what she truly wanted. We had become very close friends when her relationship started to fall apart we begain to have a strong physical attraction towards one another and then we meet, and we fell in love. I lived in charlotte n.c at the time and she resided in montgomery al, I gave up all I had and dropped everything and moved to be with her. She took me and my children in and we began our lives together, I’m not going to say it was a breeze but it wasnt all bad *smiling*. We are both looking forward to a very happy and successful union together along with our 4 children whom we love so deeply.

what ever we do we will do it together

Love Inspiration

our children and our hearts

Fast Facts

First met: on the internet
First date: November 2008
Got engaged: January 2010
Ceremony location: Montgomery Al
Honeymoon destination: Paconos

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Love at the end of the rainbow
Our wedding colors: rainbow and white
We will be wearing: white
Who proposed to who: she propose to me
Our last name will be: we're not changing them

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