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Nicole & Nikki

Nikki And I met 5 years ago when I moved in downstairs from her mom’s apartment. We were just friendly neighbors at first. But after we started spending most of our freetime together we quickly decided that we should be more than neighbors. Nikki swept me off my feet with her charming and smooth talking she does and I became putty in her hands. We moved in together after dating for a couple of months and have not been apart since. We have went through some rough times but with the help of each other we made it through. On August 20 of this year we will been together for 5 years and everytime she says I Love You it’s like the very first time.

Love Inspiration

Our Past

Fast Facts

First met: At her mom's Apartmant September 2002
First date: The Olive Garden
Got engaged: Christmas 2006
Ceremony location: Las Vegas

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Our Wedding
Our wedding colors: Blue/White
We will be wearing: Dress and tux
Who proposed to who: nikki proposed to nicole
Our last name will be: Ackles

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