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Antonio & Eddie

We are two individuals who happen to come together through the Grace of God. Haven struggled in life, our friendship has endured through the years. We are two people who in our lifetime have influenced many people with our careers as chefs and restaurant management. Our mission is to do good no matter what, always say “yes” to an opportunity even though we doubt out of fear. We want to do it big some day and look to God for guidance.

The power of faith prevails!

Love Inspiration

What God Unites no man can destroy

Fast Facts

First met: At Texas De Brazil, Miami, FL
First date: Nov. 4th 2006
Got engaged: Nov, 11th 2011
Ceremony location: Key West Presbetarian Church
Favorite planning resource: Online, My Gay Wedding.com
Honeymoon destination: Europe

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Chocolate Brown, Sky Blue, and Gold
We will be wearing: White Tux
Who proposed to who: Antonio to Eddie
Our last name will be: Ferez

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