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nicole & sarah

in case you were wondering Nicole is the FEM and sarah is the DYKE. weve been friends for about 6 years we met off myspace when it was once the big thing, ofcourse we were friends before anything we always flirted but nicole was in a relationship for four years and sarah was single once nicole was single sarah got into a relations, it was always vise versa for us, well now when it hit 2012 we were both finally single at the same time and well i nicole started to flirt and it alll began wiht chocolate syrup lol dont ask! but anyways pride came along and we hung out and from there it got more serious and now we finally are here<333

true love stories never have an ending<3

Love Inspiration

our friendship, and our loyal love.

Fast Facts

First met: February 8,2012
First date: May 19, 2012

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: yellow and white
We will be wearing: (nicole) white wedding dress (sarah) white tuxedo
Who proposed to who: sarah proposed
Our last name will be: blomberg

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