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David & Ken

A small town boy, after college David spent the last decade living in places like Texas, California, and Colorado. Ken grew up in the Rochester area and later moved out to the country while exploring his talents.

David & Ken met after the former had moved back to western New York to be closer to family. Ken had just given up his second job in order to find more enjoyment in life. At the time he’d been living in a nearby town that David’s grandparents had lived in during his childhood.

Our first date took place on the day of Ken’s grandmother’s birthday. What was meant to simply be a movie date became a nine hour day spent together. And the rest is history

Our first date lasted nine hours

Love Inspiration

all of our siblings were already married, why shouldn't we be?

Fast Facts

First date: 05/18/09
Got engaged: 12/24/10
Ceremony location: Beaver Dams, NY

In Case You Were Wondering

Who proposed to who: David to Ken
Our last name will be: O'Brien-Davis
We are registered at: https://www.target.com/registry/wedding/3HMCDXQEHYF43/guestview

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