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Kathleen & Jessica

It all started when Jessica was in her Sophomore year of college and was having some difficulties in her anatomy class. She was venting to Kathleen and asked her for some help since she was a Biology major. Little did Jessica know, Kathleen thought Jessica was more interested in studying anatomy with real live subjects rather than a book. 😉 They met up the next few days and talked a lot about their past relationships and Kathleen’s trouble with her ex-boyfriend. The next thing they knew they were catching feelings for each other. The first official date was October 1st, 2008 when Jessica picked Kathleen up and bought Starbucks coffee and took her to the airport as the sun was setting to watch the planes take off and land. They then shared their first kiss and the sparks flew…just like the planes. After several more dates and intimate conversations they made it official on October 15, 2008. Since then, the story has written itself. They have shared so many amazing memories, including when they graduated college together, moved in together, and adopted their two baby girl puggle puppies named Snuggle and Cuddle. They are now focusing on their future, looking at grad schools, raising their four-legged children, and planning their wedding.

Side by Side, Hand in Hand, 'Til the Day After Forever

Love Inspiration

Each other's love and devotion

Fast Facts

First met: Freshmen year of college '06
First date: Oct 1, 2008, Starbucks and the Norfolk Airport
Got engaged: Jun 10, 2009
Ceremony location: Ridgefield, CT
Favorite planning resource: Green ROCKS Inn
Honeymoon destination: Some place warm with lots of sand

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: a wedding
Our wedding colors: Burgundy, champagne, and white
We will be wearing: Dresses
Who proposed to who: Jessica to Kathleen
Our last name will be: Mabry-Rucka

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