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Jessica & Amanda

Well our story isn’t any ordinary story…

Our story is quite unique and to us, very beautiful. We have been best friends for about 21 years and have been together for 7 years. I was 7 months old and she was 6 years old when we met. Of course I don’t remember but it’s funny that she does. We didn’t start playing together until I was about 9 and she was 15. We would play barbies, ride our bikes, have slumber parties. She invited me into her family and I became extremely close to them. We never looked at eachother in any sexual way at all until I turned 15. Amanda turned 18 and moved an hour away from where we lived. She would come and visit every weekend always brought gifts and we would always have a blast. When I would go visit her she would take me to the movies and shopping like if she was a big sister. She was always there for me and would tell me “I will always take care of you” I believed her, because she never gave me a reason to not believe her. Especially, because my home life was not the best. I never had family that supported me and loved me like her family did! While she lived in Las Cruces ( the town an hour away) Her visits became shorter and soon there were hardly any visits, but that was because she met a girl she fell in love with. This is when she knew she was a lesbian and as me being her best friend I was the first to know. I was a little upset when she told me, but not because she was a lesbian (even though thats what she thought it was lol) at the time(age 14) I honestly did not know why I felt so sick to my stomach, but being a good friend and not really understanding my feelings I supported her. As a year in a half passed I realized I was crushing on my childhood best friend I didn’t know how to react, but I knew when she would come home to visit saying that her and her gf were fighting I felt amazing (horrible I know) I would wish they would break up. After a while we noticed that we were flirting with eachother and we were like what the hell is going on. We ended up talking about it and at first we planned on getting together when I gratuated since at the time I was about to turn 15 and she was turning 21. So we didn’t want to get in trouble. :)lol. March 4th, 2005 came around and she was down visiting ( still had her gf) we went for a walk flirting more than usual. We ended up kissing and Still to this day it feels like the first day. We never talked about it until a couple weeks later we started messing around with eachother. When she was going home I looked bummed and she asked what was wrong I didn’t have the guts to tell her but I told her I would text her about it lol corny I know but hey I was 14 at the time… When she got home she told me “well are you gonna tell me what was wrong” I told her “I hate that she comes here holds me then goes home and holds another woman.” She asked, well what should I do, I took 10 minutes to text back and replied with… ” you don’t want me to answer that” 5 minutes later i get a reply “do you want me to break uo with her?” YES I say YES!!!!! The next day around 3 pm she texts me “I’m all yours” So since then we’ve been happily together and our relationship is even stronger than it was 21 years ago. I have never felt like a woman and never thought I would be this happy. Shoot when I was younger I wanted to marry a man that was a cop..lol 🙂 things change. I know for a fact I would not be this happy. I’m excited to marry my best friend someone I trust, love, and care for. She’s amazing and still to this day she has never broke her promise she just gets better and better as the days pass. I love waking up next to her and falling asleep next to her… I can’t wait to be an official PALMER!

Me and You Just Us Two...

Love Inspiration

Wanting to be happy and that's exactly what we are...

Fast Facts

First met: 21 years ago!
First date: March 4th, 2005
Got engaged: may 20th, 2011
Ceremony location: Hawaii on the beach
Honeymoon destination: Hawaii

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Simple, but beautiful.
Our wedding colors: White and Baby blue
We will be wearing: Jess a dress Manda pants and a dressy shirt. No shoes
Who proposed to who: Amanda proposed to Jessica
Our last name will be: Palmer

Looking Back on the Big Day

Favorite wedding moment: Saying " I do"

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