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Patricia & Rose

We met 17 years ago and when we look back at the begining we always laugh about how she pretended to be older (since theres a 9 year age difference between us)and I figured it out one day several years later. During one of our intimate moments we planned to grow old together(without realizing myself faster than her of course)Then after 7years together for some un forseen tragic and not by choice we seperated for 7years.

Ironically on the 7th year we crossed paths and immediately experienced the passion and serenity that was so familiar between us as we like to say destiny have it, and believe we are difinitely “Soulmates” We are now planning to get married. Our plan is to marry February 14 2010. We have already begun with our wedding planner. Eventually we will fly to California when and if proposition 8 passes through.

We knew immediately we were destined to be together

Love Inspiration

Rose created this poem one evening: Imagine a field of flowers thats the serenity I get from you..Looking at the moonlight stars thats what I see in your eyes...Looking at a rose & what it signifies is what I feel for you in my heart.

Fast Facts

First met: February 1990
First date: February 14 1990
Got engaged: February 14, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering

Who proposed to who: Rose proposed to Pat
Our last name will be: Perez

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