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Phil & Dan

We have secretly been together for about four years. It was quite an issue keeping it secret because bits and pieces were getting out to our fans (the Danosaurs and Philions). We managed to cover up the tracks by asking the pages/blogs to be removed. In our videos we’ve leaked some proof ourselves, the extended glances, when dan jumped on me, us holding hands and making christmas cookies, etc. We both feel guilty for lying to out fans and want to come clean. Dan and I showing on ‘I Can’t Even Geek Week Special’ and being mentioned about our future ‘wedding’ in 2022 helped us get some motivation. Soon after the shoot of the video, Dan invited me to dinner and we enjoyed our sushi and were walking out to catch a taxi. It had been a phenomenal evening and we pulled up to our flat and Dan grabbed my hand and walked me around side the building. He glanced at me and got on one knee, I knew it was happening, he was going to pop the question. I looked into his twinkling brown eyes and he took a deep breath in and said,” Philip Michael Lester, will you marry me?” I teared up and embraced him in a hug and said,” Yes! Yes Dan I will marry you!” I never thought this would happen, I honestly thought we were going to break up because of business and our viewers but no, instead we are getting married.

Fast Facts

First met: September 4, 2009
First date: October 25, 2009
Got engaged: February 13, 2010
Ceremony date: 09/03/2022
Ceremony location: Merchant Taylors Hall
Honeymoon destination: Haven't Decided

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Forever Phan
Our wedding colors: Blue and White
We will be wearing: Black/Regular Suits
Who proposed to who: Dan proposed to Phil
Our last name will be: Lester

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