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Peter & Michael


We first met in Baltimore, Maryland in May of 1995 and moved in together 2 months later. Yes, it was love at first site! A hot Puerto Rican and Midwest white boy with big white teeth and blue eyes, LOL. Peter proposed to Michael in 2003, being in the Army, Michael declined. In 2005 after being together 12-years Michael left the Army and thought, “He has not gone or left in the past 12-years, he isn’t going anywhere, no need to get married now.” However, with the recent legalization of gay marriage in Maryland and the timing being, “just right,” Michael proposed to Peter on Thanksgiving day 2012 to a resounding “si papi.”


Island casual sun rise ceremony on the beach in San Juan, PR followed by a 7-day cruse ending May 5th. On the evening of May 5th, we fly to Baltimore, Maryland for a LEGAL wedding ceremony on May 6th, our 18th anniversary of being together. After all the glorious events, we will return to Texas where gay marriage is prohibited and our marriage will not be recognized.


Our gift from you is your attendance in San Juan. Any thoughts of gift monies apply towards your plane ticket/hotel, we want to see everyone who receives an invitation.

RSVP by email on or before March 15, 2013 at Tomak_Gonzalez_RSVP@hushmail.com

Favorite quote: The best thing about me is YOU!

Love Inspiration

The inspiration for our wedding is FINALLY having the serious validation of our commitment as state government legalizes gay marriage. Our love and commitment have always been prolific. Oh yeah, and Michael's realization how much diamonds sparkle.

Fast Facts

First met: May 6, 1995
First date: May 6, 1995
Got engaged: November 22, 2012
Ceremony date: 04/26/2013
Ceremony location: San Juan, PR
Honeymoon destination: Undecided 7-day Cruise - Guests and wedding party are invited

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Pride and Grooms
Our wedding colors: Pearl and Sky Blue
We will be wearing: Linen casual dress, no shoes required
Who proposed to who: Peter to Michael 2003/Michael to Peter 2012
Our last name will be: Tomak-Gonzalez
We are registered at: He Gets It! Why Don't Grownups?

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