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Nellie & Natasha

Nellie: We first met when we both worked at Regal cinema. Natasha was my manager. It wasn’t until a year later at our local gay pride parade that we happened to meet again. I was there looking for another girl I had a crush on. Randomly Tasha grabbed my arm and we ran off to look for her. I’m happy to say I never found that other girl… Tasha and I ended up talking frequently the following week and ended up really hitting it off. We discussed all the past moments in our lives where we had been in the same place at the same time but never met and it was amazing how much we had in common! She was so sweet and asked me on this amazing date in Seattle. It wasn’t long before we were in love. We moved in together last July, and now here we are getting married!

Fast Facts

First met: June 2006
Got engaged: March 2007
Ceremony location: The United Churches of Olympia

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: black, white, and yellow
We will be wearing: Nellie in a white wedding dress and Tasha in a white tux
Who proposed to who: Nellie proposed to Tasha on her 21 birthday
Our last name will be: Provoe

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