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deanna & deborah

Deborah and I have mutual friends but neither of us was single at the same time…so we flirted and a little more….

Finally we were both single and the moment we were (and i’m talking hours after i broke up with my girlfriend) we got together and haven’t spent more than 3 nights apart in 2 years.

We live in oakland with our menagerie; two german shepards, two cats, one rat, a salt water tank with an eel and other creatures and 5 frogs. NO MORE PETS is my motto and deborah is trying to restrain herself.

We’ve both been in good (most of deborah’s) and bad (most of mine) relationships and this one we just knew right away was different. We realize we are super homebodies now and despite our former party selves like nothing better than to stay home and do our little projects (deborah’s involve power tools and mine fabric or glue)or just hang out together.

p.s. Oh and did I mention we are really really HOT for one another?

p.s.s. I’ve never actually been an advocate of marriage…feeling that people who were together for years and years had just as much legitimacy as those who chose or could marry…but then we were so in love I wanted to share the joy and have changed my desire to marry and wished we could make it legal!!!

but ain't we got love

Fast Facts

First met: phonebooth an sf bar
First date: deanna's house april 16th 2006
Got engaged: april 16th 2007
Ceremony date: 04/18/2008
Ceremony location: swedish american hall san francisco
Favorite planning resource: my friends
Honeymoon destination: none yet

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: a celebration of love
Our wedding colors: pink (of course) and orange
We will be wearing: me- wedding dress deborah- tux
Who proposed to who: deborah to deanna
Our last name will be: good question
We are registered at:

Looking Back on the Big Day

Favorite wedding moment: Deborah's face when i walked into the room.
Vendors we recommend to other couples: amazing photographer

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