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melinda & stephanie

Melinda noticed Stephanie through a meeting with mutual friends in 2008. We both were in relationships and neither of us was really happy. So I (Melinda) decided that I just had to meet the beautiful woman who I couldn’t seem to get off my mind. All the time trying to work up the courage to ask her out.

My first real experience of getting to know her was at Sam’s club. She came to help me with my son Nate. He wouldn’t stop crying through my whole shopping trip. When a mutual friend called me while shopping they heard Nate & came to help. I remember seeing her enter the store & being so excited that she had tagged along to come help. Without skipping a beat she walked straight up to my cart & picked him up without hesitation. He looked at her and immediately fell asleep. I was shocked, mesmerized & proud! I guess he saw the same good things in her that I did. After that I tried everything to spark her interest & start up a conversation with her. And I do mean EVERYthing. I knew she was a handy chick, so I broke everything & even locked myself out of two vehicles so that she could come “rescue me”. I had her climbing on top of my van sweating in the summer sun. I locked her out of her own vehicle for two weeks! The whole time I knew how to disarm her alarm & let her have her truck back, but I liked seeing her everyday… Finally I helped her one night @ 11pm.

I was still working up my courage to ask her out & my birthday came along. She asked what I wanted for my birthday & I told her a kiss. She wasn’t far from my house and came over for a midnight kiss on my porch. I was speechless.. All night I couldnt get her off my mind. The next day she came over to clean my carpets. Another mutual friend went into the hospital and she came over to help me babysit. One day turned into three days and on her last day with me she mentioned going back home. I coyley told her that I had no plans on letting her leave and she laughed. We talked it over & she never went back to her house..

Weeks later we went on an evening walk. We were holding hands & all of a sudden she let go and dropped to her knee. I seriously thought she was joking, but thank god she wasn’t. I received the most beautiful ring & had the sweetest kiss. The feeling we had walking back to our house holding hands was amazing…. I can’t wait to feel that feeling as we walk away from our ceremony holding hands & married!

"Look into her eyes so deep in love & drink it up.. cause thats the good stuff"

Love Inspiration

seeing that beautiful smile on her face

Fast Facts

First met: Feb 28, 2010
First date: Feb 29, 2011
Got engaged: April 2011
Ceremony location: Deerfield Pond Plantation
Favorite planning resource: gayweddings.com
Honeymoon destination: Key West

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: kissed by a rainbow
Our wedding colors: Pink & Silver
We will be wearing: dresses!!
Who proposed to who: Stephanie proposed to Melinda while taking a walk together
Our last name will be: Adams

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