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Todd & Randy

We met on a telephone match-making service in 1999.

I was reviewing my voice-mailbox one day, and this really “creepy sounding” guy left me a message. I deleted it. Too creepy I thought.

Then he left me another message. I decided to return it this time (his voice sounded a little less creepy this time), and we talked for everynight for two weeks on the telephone.

Then one night, we decided to meet up. No planning, just, you want to meet? Sure. We met up in a coffee shop a short walk from my place. He had to drive in from a nearby town, about 40 minutes away though.

When he left that night, I caught his eye. He had a twinkle in his eye, and it caught me off guard, and captured my heart.

We have been together ever since and we decided to make it official in 2008.

Fast Facts

First met: On a Telephone Match-Making Service
First date: Coffee in a Coffee Shop
Ceremony location: Langley, BC Canada

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