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Alyssa & Riann

On New Years Day 2010, I told Alyssa that I was going to propose to her sometime this year. Every day since January 1st, I reminded Alyssa that today could be the day that I pop the question. I waited patiently for her to suggest throwing a party at our house and then I took control. I immediately called her sister and booked a flight for her to come in from Vancouver. I called my sister and brought her in from Arizona. I called all of our friends to make sure they would come to our party. Then, a week ahead of time, I let everyone but Alyssa in on the big secret. The day of the party, each of our friends had their separate role to play. One snuck in champagne, one made sure everyone was outside on the patio when it was all happening, two manned the video cameras, one made sure Alyssa would participate. We had 35 of our closest friends and family in our backyard as the fun began. On cue, my friend suggested we play a game of catch phrase. As we passed the game around in a circle, I prepared for the biggest moment of my life. When it was my turn to give clues, I began with “Oh, Alyssa will know this one! This is when 2 people really love each other. They just get one another.” Alyssa guessed, “Soulmates!” I kept going, “Yes, but this is when you just can’t imagine living your life without the other person… and you love her so much that you can’t even put it into words. So you just propose and ask will you….” “Marry me!” she shouted. “Yes,” I replied and got on one knee and showed her the ring. “Will you marry me?” I asked. She was so shocked… she kept looking at the ring, then at me, then at all of her friends and asking if I was serious. Our friends cheered and laughed, until her sister finally yelled “Well, what is your answer?” Alyssa yelled yes and I put the ring on her finger. All of her friends and family were there to celebrate and ooh and ahh over the ring. Her mom even surprised us by bringing a congratulatory cake.

Afterwards, Alyssa said she would have never thought about that kind of proposal, but that it was perfect. We are engaged to be married in October, 2011.

Love Inspiration

We want children, so first things first!

Fast Facts

First met: December 30th, 2006
First date: Cuba Libre- 2/14/07
Got engaged: 04/10/10
Ceremony location: Dallas, TX
Favorite planning resource: gayweddings.com
Honeymoon destination: Mexico

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Our Wedding
Our wedding colors: Grey, green, white and orange
We will be wearing: Alyssa: Tea Length Dress Riann: Seersucker Suit
Who proposed to who: Riann proposed to Alyssa with a big ol' ring
Our last name will be: Alyssa is changing her middle name to Riann's last name
We are registered at: Honey Fund- Honeymoon Registry

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