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Huy & Richie

When we started dating there were alot of people stopping us. Just because we were an interracial couple but we had an 8 year gap. His friends (Richie) said that I (Huy) was too much trouble. I couldn’t go out to drink (hence the fact I still can’t right now) or get into 21+ club but he still stuck by me. From my point of view things just got worst and worst because his friend just didn’t seem to like me. I was getting worried and many times we almost broke up because of the pressure. After a while his friends FINNALLY warmed up to me.

My friends however really disliked Richie at first. One for his age, second because of his personatily. Richie and I are exact opposites. While I’m very laid back and not out spoken, I’m also ver patient. Richie on the other hand is on the other way of the chart. He’s very outspoken, and not at all patient. I love him for that though. When someone says something to me that’ll hurt me Richie is there to say what I’m thinking. I love him and he loves me.

"Life is too precious to live with regret"

Love Inspiration

Each other.

Fast Facts

First met: Fall River, MA
First date: Dinner at Chili's, and watched Hill's have Eyes 2
Got engaged: In the Shower?
Ceremony location: Have not decided yet
Favorite planning resource: Still working on that
Honeymoon destination: France? Japan? Still haven't decided

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Italiasian Wedding
Our wedding colors: Gray Lavender, Mint Green, and light pink
We will be wearing: Tuxes
Who proposed to who: Richie
Our last name will be: Fratiello

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