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Alisha & Sara

We met about two years ago while working together. We became quick friends and learned that we had more in common than we thought. Sara and I were both raised in Southern California about an hour away from each other and we both moved to Maine about thirteen years ago. We both grew up in the church and were daughters of sailors. Our friendship soom became more. After awhile of seeing each other we decided to take her children and move to California where we both raised so that we could add to our family. It is important to both of us that our children and future children be raised with family close. We have just bought a house together and look forward to marriage and having more children. I fell in love with Sara in July and I can’t wait until I can confess my love to her this July on the beach. Sara and the girls changed my life in a way that they will never know. I am incredibly and truly blessed to call them my family.

I love you like crazy girl...

Love Inspiration

Our family

Fast Facts

First met: Work
First date: July 10th
Got engaged: March 21st
Ceremony location: Sunset Point, Mission Bay Park, San Diego, CA
Favorite planning resource: We kinda just pieced it together as we went
Honeymoon destination: We will not be going on a honeymoon, but hope to in the future

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Pink and Orange
We will be wearing: White Sundresses with Pink/Orange Hibiscus
Who proposed to who: Sara proposed to me (still grr about that) lol
Our last name will be: Crocker

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