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samantha & abril

We are two young love birds, Samantha Barker and April Martin. April is a year older then me, but our love for eachother is beyond amazing. We met in November of 2008, but didnt start dating till January 7th, 2009. We’ve been together for about 3 months, but honestly, we both think we’re the one for eachother! We’ve had our fights, but what couple hasn’t? We are engaged, she proposed to me at the lake that we always go to, on valentines day. It was right before sunset and trust me I was in TEARS! But now, we are looking for a place to get married, hopefully not so far from home, since we dont have alot in our wallets. We just want it to be ligit!! I love her, and I know the roads going to be hard, but as long as I have my ‘Hubby’ by my side, I’ll be content! so hopefully we can get married soon, even though I’m 17, and she’s 18.


Love Inspiration

Samantha sister is engaged to her fience, but se wants to get married before her sister, but our love inspired us to make the BIG step!

Fast Facts

First met: we met through my cousin:)
First date: dinner at her house.
Got engaged: 2*14*09 by the lake, at sunset.

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: black and white
We will be wearing: a short black and white rose dress, and a white suit.
Who proposed to who: April proposed to Samantha
Our last name will be: Martin

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