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Shaunte’ & Brionne

Classic story about college sweethearts who take it up a notch after after graduation…the twist???…we’re women!

As if being a lesbian is out of the box enough, try two feminine African American ones in Texas!

We both graduated recently in engineering disciplines and now working on being successful career women at competitive oil/gas companies in Houston.

I met Bree at an Interest Meeting for a co-ed engineering fraternity she was trying to join. I was Membership Chair for that year and she ended up being the same number on her line as me…so the #4 is very special to us!

She had never been with a woman and was my second girlfriend…but believe it or not…she came on to me! I guess she knew what she wanted 🙂

I was always afraid of commitment…eager to run…and she grounded me. I have a son from a previous relationship and he absolutely adores her…as a young Mother…that was extremely important to me.

I proposed to her about a week ago at a gorgeous Champagne & Wine Bar in front of about 20 friends/family…she had no clue! It was beautiful!

We are planning to have a private Hawaiian ceremony July 11, 2013 and a reception in Houston for everyone the weekend after!

Looking to find the BEST in Houston…but looking forward to treasuring every moment with her forever.

"Make it Last Forever"

Love Inspiration

The feeling in our hearts

Fast Facts

First met: February 2011
First date: Lots of out to eat, but official...horseback riding in April
Got engaged: August 18, 2012
Ceremony date: 07/10/2013
Ceremony location: United States
Favorite planning resource: GayWeddings.com!
Honeymoon destination: Oahu, Hawaii

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: ...still thinking!
Our wedding colors: Turquoise, Guava, Silver, White
We will be wearing: Beachy Dresses
Who proposed to who: Shaunte' (most feminine) proposed to Bree!
Our last name will be: Moss or Mandison

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