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shaleeta & nicole

It started Back in Apil 2008,thats were I met Nicole on a chat line .I was lonely and sad Just got out of a 8 year relationship and wasn’t happy. Well that when me and Nicole talk for hours if i recall I think it was 24 hrs we stay on the phone.Although I told her I was just looking for a friend I really was lien to myself I found the preson of my dreams.

I really fight the feeling that I felt for her, cuz I was thinking that I was giong to get hurt again. But it was hard not to fall in love with her cuz we share alot of thing like bad relationships,We both lost our father to the samething our mothers is just alike. Mane we just was there twinded into eachother.She found this person that was liveing inside of me all these years I didn’t know that person but she found a good woman and Im glad she did.

Well one month went on and than I asked her what if I move to Atlanta with you. She say are you for real? Yes Im going to come and be with you.My heart couldnt live without her.So I did I move down here and now we became one.

And today I married my best friend,Our bond complete it has no end.We share one soul we share one heart,A perfect time A perfect start with our ring we share together for ever.Two special hearts let nothing keep this love apart.

Growing together made our deepest roots entwind,cuz together we share life,love,friendship,one world,one song. The mirror of unseen heart the place where we belong tgether and for ever,Is with eachother.

Deepth Of My Soul

Love Inspiration

The Love We Share

Fast Facts

First met: April 19,2008
First date: May1,2008
Got engaged: October1,2008
Ceremony location: Atlanta ,Ga.
Honeymoon destination: On a Cruise

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: One Key To Our Hearts
Our wedding colors: Red and Black
We will be wearing: black and red
Who proposed to who: nicole proposed to shay
Our last name will be: smith

Looking Back on the Big Day

Favorite wedding moment: Our frist dance together
First Dance song: I Finally Know by Boyz To Men

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