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Heather & Shawn

Shawn and I live together in our cozy little home in Memphis, TN. We have two dogs, family scattered far and wide, and more wonderful friends than any couple truly deserves. We met in the summer of 2007 when we were both going through some pretty rough times. We officially became a couple in January 2008. We’ve been together every day since then, although we didn’t officially merge households until April 2008.

At the end of April 2008 we took a trip to Jamaica to see 2 friends get married. It was beautiful and inspiring and all we could both think was how much we wanted to get married – to each other. In September of 2008 we set a date and are now planning to be married Halloween of 2009!

Our life together is full of happiness and joy. We have our moments like any couple, but we never find ourselves wanting to call it quits. She’s an Aquarius and I’m a Libra, so we have a great mental and conversational connection. Communication can be like a run a way train with us, but at least it’s happening.

Every day we wake up with each other, and every night we go to bed together. The time between she’s a property manager and I’m a professional event planner / director of operations. We are both strong individuals who somehow seem to come together and make a couple that all our friends say they want to be. Sorry to say though, they can’t be it, because we are it and we’re staying this way!

But we do hope all of our friends are one day blessed with a love like ours. Maybe even like… “Johnny and June”.

"So this is what this feels like..."

Love Inspiration

We are inspired every day by each other. By our differences and similarities. We are inspired by our own committment and love. It just comes easily.

Fast Facts

First met: Summer 2007
First date: Hard to say... we "friend dated" for a long time
Got engaged: We set a date in August 2008, so that made it official
Ceremony location: Memphis... The River Terrace.
Favorite planning resource: OffBeatBride.com
Honeymoon destination: Canda or Boston to make it legal!

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Our Wedding
Our wedding colors: Pomegranate and Milk Chocolate Brown
We will be wearing: Me in a dress, her in a tux, although not quite traditional
Who proposed to who: Shawn proposed to Heather... one night, in the kitchen.
Our last name will be: Hall

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