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sheniquel & sintea

all yhu need to know is that we love each other we have everything a relationship is supposed to have trust honesty faith all of it communication yhu name it we have it we are da lesbian version of beyonce and jay z we argue alot but never break up i love my baby tia

like a kid love candy i love yhu

Love Inspiration

jus the time i have been with her and the laughs we have had and the things we have been thru i know she's da one for me

Fast Facts

First met: facebook
First date: november 19,2011
Got engaged: november 19,2017
Ceremony location: unknown
Favorite planning resource: unknown
Honeymoon destination: california

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: lovers first kiss
Our wedding colors: blue and red
We will be wearing: i'll be wearing a dress tia will be wearing a tuxedo
Who proposed to who: tia proposed to me
Our last name will be: nolan
We are registered at: love n happiness

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