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Jo & Salina

We met in AIT (advanced individual training) in El Paso, TX in 2006. When we first met, I(jo) was incredible intoxicated and she (salina) asked me if I was okay. I was rude to her. A few weeks later Salina came up to me and told me she was getting married to her boyfriend back home in Michigan. I didnt really care at the time because we barely knew each other. After about a month or so of being stationed there, we ended up as roommates. Little did I know that Salina secretly was attracted to me. I would always flirt with her but she never caught on. After the completion of AIT, we were stationed together in Okinawa, Japan. About 2 months after being there it was Thanksgiving. We both went over to our mutual friend, Robert’s house for dinner. We ended up staying the night cause, in the military…we DRINK. Well, the next day we all went shopping. That night, when we got back to the house, we played Uker. The game was a bit altered though. Salina and I were on a team and Robert and his wife Ashley were on the other. Well, if you lost a hand, you drank. Bottom line is we were all loose. Robert took me to the barracks so I could get my clothes and Salina and Ashley stayed at the house. When we finally returned, Ashley told me Salina was in the guest room and I needed to talk to her.

At that time, Salina seemed to be somewhat homophobic so what I was about to hear surprized me. She told me that she was attracted to me and just “wanted to play with me.” I was shocked! Here is the girl I had wanted for about 7 months coming out to me. I didnt know what to say. I was speechelss. So we ended up at a bar outside in town. I took Salina outside and told her that I loved her. We made love for the first time that night.

A month later she asked me to marry her. Due to the shady circumstances the military life causes soldiers to endure…we had a lot of issues. I said yes but we both knew that we would have to wait until our contracts were up in 2009.

We have been through so much. Laughs, Love, Tears. But, finally our dream is comung true. On February 26, 2009, we will be tying the knot in Ontario Canada.

All I can say is that I finally got my “Happily Ever After”!!!!

Fast Facts

First met: April 2006
First date: November 26, 2006
Got engaged: December 25, 2006
Ceremony location: Niagara Falls, Canada
Honeymoon destination: Niagara Falls, Canada

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: a WEDDING???
Our wedding colors: undecided
We will be wearing: a dress and a suit
Who proposed to who: Salina proposed to Jo
Our last name will be: Michael

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