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Mignon & Michelle

Michelle (by Mignon)

She was sitting behind me in a meeting and she would not stop talking. Our department head would mention spreadsheets and timeliness and Michelle would comment. Then she mentioned dress code policies, birthday cakes, and employee appreciation and Michelle commented.

I was annoyed and intrigued all at the same time. I had not ever felt that way before. One week later she was promoted to supervise my team. She sat behind us instead of in front of us and of course I sat at the back.

I would notice her and she would notice my ex coming to visit my desk. We worked past all of these things and finally got up the nerve to exchange numbers.

Our first date was the last time I was ever considered single, she has been by my side every since.

Mignon (by Michelle)

There I was in my dead-end job nothing exciting going on in my life. We always had new employees coming in and out of our department. I never really paid much attention to who was coming or going. I had totally given up on dating after my last couple of disasters. One day we had a new employee come in and I took an active notice, so much so I asked about her. I found out in one question that she was available and gay. I was on a mission to let her know that I was interested. We spent a month playing cat and mouse. I never knew that it was I was talking to “the one.” We went out on one date to a friends birthday party and there it was the look, the spark, the blindness to other women. I knew. I found her…I can’t live without her.

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Love Inspiration

Alex and Marvin

Fast Facts

First met: August 2006
First date: September 14, 2006
Got engaged: October 5, 2009
Ceremony location: Resource Center of Dallas
Favorite planning resource: Google
Honeymoon destination: Las Vegas

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Commitment Ceremony
Our wedding colors: Black White and Silver
We will be wearing: Mignon Suit Michelle dress
Who proposed to who: Mignon to Michelle
Our last name will be: Grayson

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