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Imani & Ari

“Not Even Death Will Do Us Part”

-Jan 21st 09′-

I (Ari) was online in a lesbian dating website and came across a beautiful young lady and her name was “Imani” her stats were single, entreprenuer, personal trainer, MMA fighter in training, college student in psychology looking for love…

So I was mesmerized by her beauty so I was determined to know her so I got up the nerve to send her a message. It read, ” Hi,I think your beautiful and I would like to get to know you better”….I checked my messages daily waiting for a response and on the 3rd day she responded with, “Wow your beautiful too, whatever you wanna know I’ll tell you, ask away”…after a few messages we exchanged phone numbers, texted all night until 3am but never spoke on the phone. Then EXACTLY a week later Imani invited me to a friends birthday party and I accepted the invitation via text. We never spoke on the phone because both of us were nervous to call each other. Jan 30th the day of the birthday party around 10pm I texted Imani I had arrived at the club and was about to walk in..Imani texted me to find the girl with the hat on by the bar.

So I walked in nervous as hell looking for a puerto rican girl with the hat on, after looking around I didn’t see anyone as I walked further into the club I saw her at the bar talking to the bartender I stood nervously behind her. I froze and was amazed at the sight of her from behind her hair, her body, everything she said she was…I was frozen I didn’t speak then after a moment I called out her name Imani?? Then she turned around with a drink ready in her hand, I introduced myself, we both smiled and then hugged and she handed me a drink.

(Imani speaking) Let me say this first I was so nervous I drank alot before Ari got there so I was tipsy when she actually got there. I’m not a drinker what so ever I’m a light weight. 🙂 When I turned around I COULD NOT BELIEVE my eyes Ari was freakin beautiful, the most beautiful sight I ever saw. I got even more nervous I got really shy all of a sudden and couldn’t barely look at her. Her smile was captivating, her laugh was cute, her Puerto Rican accent was sexy. I was in love. Ok back to Ari…..

(Ari) We walked to the table sat down, conversated and we had great conversation, she made me laugh, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her smile, I wanted to hear her voice more..I felt like if I knew her before I was trying to figure out if I had met her before somewhere else. My soul felt as if I had knew her already the chemistry was undeniable, I did not want to leave her sight. I wanted to know all of her, and the funny thing is I did not intend on falling in love or even want a relationship with anyone. But my heart was telling me Imani was the young lady I had dreamt about. She was sitting right in front of me. That night Imani asked me to take pictures with her in the photo booth that’s where our fate was sealed…..with a kiss.

As she was sitting on my lap we were both nervous but acting silly taking pictures and I felt compelled to kiss her lips. We were so close to each other it was unbearable I couldn’t resist kissing her. I had to KISS HER so I did. THAT WAS IT! We were in love.


Imani sat me down at her apartment and said she had something important to tell me. She said, “I know your gonna think I’m crazy but I’m crazy about you, and don’t be scared when I tell you this”. I wasn’t scared because I trusted her. Imani said, I love you so much I want to give you ME. I want you to carry me with you everywhere. So I responded, How are we going to do that? Imani said I bought some necklace viles online and I want us to fill them up with our blood and we could wear them. Imani said let’s go into the room and do this. She had a brand new razor blade and the viles in her hand. We sat down and I started first I cut my finger and blood gushed out and Imani was there filling the vile with my blood. She sealed it. Then it was her turn she cut her thumb and as the blood was running I filled her vile with her blood. I sealed it. We captured the moment with our camera. I asked Imani what gave her this idea and she said she heard Angelina Jolie did the something similiar and she thought it was a little disturbing but cool at the same time….I love her so that was good enough for me. When we were done with that we bandaged our fingers up and wore each other viles around our necks…we wear them till this day. Instead of rings we were each others DNA. If that’s not crazy in love I don’t know what is….

FAST FORWARD 3 months……

Imani surprised me with a vacation to Las Vegas. In the hotel I was getting ready to go out sight seeing and Imani walks in stops me from getting ready and says “Do you love me?” I said, of course I do. Then she said, I love you and I don’t want to wait anymore I know it’s only been 3 months but I wanna marry you, will you marry me? I was shocked but felt the same and I did not want to wait either. Then Imani told me she already set it up and finish getting ready because were going to get married RIGHT NOW! So we went to the planned destination which was at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Lake Mead in Las Vegas and had a private committment ceremony. We didn’t exchange rings but we exchanged our viles. It was beautiful there was a light up waterfall behind us, the sun was setting and we signed our certificate.


Imani asked me to move in with her. A MONTH LATER we moved to Las Vegas from the Midwest for Imani’s fight career. Everyday we wake up to each other more and more in love. We wake up smiling at each other. Imani sits on the toliet seat watches me get ready for work and tells me EVERYDAY how beautiful I am. We want to spend every moment, minute, second with each other. We are attached at the hip, she is like my conjoined twin. When I’m away at work we call each other many times throughout the day expressing our love for each other. We never get tired of hearing I LOVE YOU. When I get home from work I am so estatic to be home I just want to hold Imani and have her undivided attention. Since we are crazy about each other we found a way to be in each others company 24/7. We decided to open a business together, now that is what we do all day focus on our business and love each other. Making our dreams come true together. There is no words left to describe our unconditional true love. I love you is not even strong enough to describe what we have. All I can is we will die loving each other and in the next life continue our love, our love will never die… “NOT EVEN DEATH WILL DO US PART”

"Not even death will do us part"

Love Inspiration

Unconditional Love for each other

Fast Facts

First met: Ari found me on a ChicagoPride website on Jan 21st 09'
First date: Was at the Holiday Club, Jan 30th 09'
Got engaged: We skipped the engagement and got married April 8th 09'
Ceremony location: LAS VEGAS!!!
Favorite planning resource: GayWeddings.com
Honeymoon destination: Puerto Rico

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: "Not Even Death Will Do Us Part"
Our wedding colors: Cream/Red Velvet
We will be wearing: Ari-beautiful femme suit/Imani-wedding dress
Who proposed to who: Imani proposed 1st on vacation in Las Vegas
Our last name will be: Ortiz
We are registered at: n/a n/a

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