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Stephanie & Jennifer

Jennifer and I share a home with our 3 kids Luke, Shayna and Chaz. We have 3 dogs Chap, Lady and Gidget. A pretty simple, yet very happy life. We are both active members at Metrolpolitan Community Church in Richmond VA. We both feel very strongly that god brought us together, as a family, to be able to share a life of happiness, peace and love as one with god being the center of our life’s source.

Jennifer and I love to take trips together, anywhere. We enjoy the simplest of things and can see beauty together in the most unusual places. Movies are a treat for us, either at home or at the theater. We enjoy walks in the park and being near or in water. Church on Sundays is something that brings us alot of peace and happinesss. We are so thankful for the spiritual connection that we share. We often find ourselves reading books together, i read outloud while Jennifer listens and we talk about what we read. Our friends and family bring us alot of special treasures, we often find that there is not enough time to spend with them as we would like. That is a goal of ours, make more time for the important things!

As for me, Steph I have found a life unlike I ever dreamed. A life of security and safety that I only thought others could have. I am so very grateful for this. I have been able to help Jennifer be a parent to her 3 wonderful children whom have been such a blessing for me. With them I have been able to feel what it is like to be a parent. Life is open and full of so much promise and potential. True Love really does exist.

Our future looks bright and happy and exciting. We may be traveling away from VA and to California if all goes as we plan in the next couple years. As for now, we are being present where we are and taking each day one at a time.

We hope that those that truly are happy for us and want to share in our love will come and be with us at our ceremony. God bless and love to all!

And I thought I loved you then!

Love Inspiration

The desire to be one with god, as well as with each other

Fast Facts

First met: At an MCC Richmond Picnic
First date: Joan Jett Concert - dang Jennifer looked hott!
Got engaged: October 2008
Ceremony date: 09/25/2010
Ceremony location: Metropolitan Community Church Richmond
Favorite planning resource: Our ceative, organized and talented friends!
Honeymoon destination: Anywhere but here! :)

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Our Marriage
We will be wearing: What we are comfortable in!
Who proposed to who: Stephanie proposed to Jennifer
Our last name will be: Same as it is now
We are registered at:

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