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Sandra & Heather

From Sandra: I knew Heather was the one for me from our first 1:1. I loved the way she could boss me around…after all she was my boss. All joking aside, we really got to know one another after our professional relationship had come to a close. I moved to another department and we immediately became friends. The bond we developed after a few weeks was like no other. She was not only funny, goofy, intelligent, and beautiful, but so sweet and sincere too. I admired how she genuinely cared about people. She didn’t know it at the time, but every time we hung out, I gave her more and more of my heart. I was clueless that she felt anything other than a platonic friendship for me. We joke about it now, because she says the chemistry between us was explosive. Finally, one day, I confessed my love to her and we sealed the deal with a kiss. A kiss that made me see fireworks (literally….kids behind us were shooting them off). Now, I can’t remember a life without my dear sweet darlin’…Planning our wedding together has been fun so far, and I can’t wait until the day I get to be blessed with calling her my wife.

From Heather: From the moment I met Sandra, I was drawn to her. There was something about her that intrigued me and I wanted to know more. We had a slow start to our friendship since it started with me managing her at our place of work and it didn’t really professionally work for us to be friends on a personal level.

As soon as I found out we would not be working closely together on the same project, I immediately made a move and asked her to hang out (of course in a not so obvious way by asking her to join my gym…lol)It didn’t take long for our friendship to move towards infatuation, which by the way was new to me since up until I met Sandra I had always considered myself to be “straight” and was with men. It took me a few weeks to realize what was happening to me but once it clicked, I knew there was no going back. I jumped in head first and dealt with the aftermath later. I was head over in heels in love with this girl and I wanted to be around her 24/7.

I got my wish! Today, I can say that I am getting to marry my best friend, my lover, the one that set my heart free and allowed me to be me. I have never felt so much at peace with who I am and our plans for the future. The strength, courage, and love that Sandra gives me is more than I could ever ask for. I am the luckiest girl in the world, I get to marry and spend the rest of my life with my soul mate. I love you Sugar Bear!

I love you more than 8,000,000 red peanut butter M&Ms!

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Fast Facts

First met: At Work in November 2007
First date: Dinner and a movie
Got engaged: in Savannah, GA
Ceremony date: 10/07/2011
Ceremony location: Courtyard at Lake Lucerne, Orlando, FL
Honeymoon destination: Europe

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Lovebirds Unite
Our wedding colors: Midnight Blue
We will be wearing: Wedding Dress and Suit
Who proposed to who: Sandra proposed to Heather
Our last name will be: Sander

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