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Shug & Pooh

I met the love of my life at work. I had the morning shift and she would show up in the afternoon an hour before it was time for me to leave. We spent that hour talking and laughing I never wanted to go and leave her at work alone. I would not stop thinking about her and could not wait to see her again. I knew she had a girlfriend at that time and I kept my feelings to myself because I did not want to break up a happy home. We were best friends and I wanted to stay that way so that I could continue to see her and spend time with her. Then she hit me that she was also married and why she was not with her wife. We confessed how we felt about each other and we keep it all to ourselves. We hung out together as a couple but we never made it final. On September 19, 2010 we made it final that we are a couple. Our time together has been really a rocky road and yet we keep trying to make things better between us. We fall every now and then but we talk things out and continue to get better. On April 3, 2011 she put a ring on my finger and I just love it! we have not set the date yet but I am looking to make this wedding the best event ever! I am a Wedding Planner and Event Planner and she is leaving all of the details to me. She loves the dresses that I have choosen to try on and she can’t wait to see me in them and help me pick the best dress. She will be wearing a tux and I know she will be HANDSOME in it. She always is no matter what she wears.

Yesterday, Today and Always

Love Inspiration

In Love is powerful, Love is cute

Fast Facts

First met: June 2010
First date: September 2010
Got engaged: April 2011

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Black and White
We will be wearing: A White Wedding Dress
Who proposed to who: She did
Our last name will be: Rodriguez
We are registered at:

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