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Cassara & Tabitha

Hello! My name is Cassara [sara for short, and im the one w short hair], and my fiance is Tabitha. I’m 20, and she’s 20.

We both graduated from Lake Gibsons’ class of ’07. Back in 9th grade is when it all started. She was my first, and I was hers. By first, I mean first girlfriend, lover, and love. We were steady for a while, then things got rough. She was having a little trouble at home [she lived with her aunt]. We were crazy about each other, and still in the closet. One day, I was on top of her, and we were kissing, and she was biting my bottom lip, and her aunt walked in. She flipped! She had claimed to throw up and all kind of BS, and we were so scared. Her aunt made me call my mom and tell her to come get me, and when she got there, she needed to come in because we all needed to talk. About..20-30 minutes went by….Tab was on one end of the couch holding a pillow, and I was on the other about to shit myself. Her aunt was in the chair across the room just starring at us. When my mom got there, her aunt said “Well, girls…what do you need to talk to her about?” We froze. We talked. We got separated. We could only see each other at school. I was so scared. I didn’t want to be out yet, I wasn’t ready. Well, she thought it was because I didn’t love her. So, as usual, things got bad. Another girl, my supposed “friend” was telling her that she would hold her hand, and not be ashamed of her in the hall..yada yada blah blah…and I got left….. Tab got kicked out, and the other girl had a car, so I was out of the picture. She ended up living with the girl and being with her for 2 years, off and on. I was whorin it up..not giving a flyin f#&@! Hell, I was out, and there was no stopping it then. Well, the other 3 years of high school went on, and we did everything possible to not pass each other in the halls. I could see her all the way down the hall, and I’d turn around and run down the stairs, and around the building on the outside, and haul ass back to my class on the other side of school so I wouldn’t have to pass her and look her in the eye. I couldn’t handle it. She still had my heart….

Graduation day. Practice at 0700. [7am]. She is sitting in the row behind me. Mind you, the rest of high school was filled with “hey, did you see tab today?” or “hey, did you hear about tab?”, and the same for her. Our friends were always kind of the same. So, she’s behind me, and I want to say something, so I just wait. And wait. And wait, listening to their conversation… finally she said something I could say something about! (: So I whip around in my chair and say whatever slick thing I said, I can’t remember..and they bust out laughing. So we chit chat, kinda catch up, and it’s time to leave. Well, little did she know, I got her number from one of her friends. So, I called her as I watched her walk to her car. I said “It’s like that??! I can’t even get a hug now??!” and she said “Sorry!” Then I said, “DAMN! I can’t even get a ‘bye’ now?!??” Then she waved and said “BYYYYEE!!!”. Well. I had window chalk in my car. So, I grabbed it, and ran over to her car, and wrote BYE on her driver window. She about shit herself. We still have the pic of it.

Anyways, we started to talk, and then we got engaged, got an apartment, built a house, with our three dogs, and we’re living happily ever after!! (:

We plan on having a ceremony in Connecticut or Maryland with only a few family members. Then, we’re going to have a reception type thing in Florida [home] for all of our friends etc… (:

Fast Facts

First met: ROTC class, 9th grade.
First date: Movie.
Got engaged: 10.26.07
Favorite planning resource: Don't know yet.
Honeymoon destination: A roadtrip from CT/MD back home.

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: A ceremony
Our wedding colors: Orange, Pink and White
We will be wearing: Clothes.
Who proposed to who: Sara -> Tab
Our last name will be: Harris

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