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Tammy & Lynn

I had just gotten out of a BAD realtionship and just needed a friend. So, I looked around on myspace.com to see if I could find anyone of interest. Tammy popped up and I was speachless (but she didn’t know that till she read this). I just had to talk to her. I messaged her and eventually got her cell number to text her. We talked until about 1 a.m. and she said she had to sleep fpr work in the morning. Well, when I knew that she was up for work I texted her good morning and I hoped she had a good day at for, in which she replied that I could keep texting that it wasn’t a problem. Then I got a Daring idea… “What if I just showed up at her job (an hour and a half away)?” I asked her… Of course she thought I was kidding until almost two hours later I was looking at her beautiful face while I was falling in a box that she had just put out and crushed it. She never stopped smiling or giggling… It was love at first sight for me. It took a little coaxing but eventually we started dating on September 18, 2007. I moved in with her the next day. The day we get married it will be three years that we have never spent one day apart from each other… Our “son”, Joker (jack russel), will be our ring boy… Life Is Grand!!!

Together forever, till the day we draw our last breath side by side in our rocking chairs.- us

Love Inspiration

Growing old together with our lil family.

Fast Facts

First met: 9/3/07, Myspace.com/Old Time Pottery
First date: Capris Itallian
Got engaged: I know its strange but, we're not engaged yet.
Ceremony location: Table Rock Park, Liberty, SC
Favorite planning resource: I'm lost and need help
Honeymoon destination: no clue yet

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: The Enchanted Forrest
Our wedding colors: Clover, Black, & Silver
We will be wearing: Me- Dress Tammy- Pant suit
Who proposed to who: hasn't happend yet
Our last name will be: Black

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