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Tamara & Tamika

Moving from Va Beach, VA to Savannah, GA was definitely a culture shock. Work dominated my life and the few people I knew were all co-workers who had private lives of their own. I joined a few well known websites and that is how I met Tamara. Every time I logged on either website I would come across her web page. All of her pages seemed to be so genuine…and there was just something about her. We finally spoke via e-mail and soon after met in person. The rest equals to us becoming the best of friends and November 8, 2008.

It was the evening of October 19, 2007, my birthday. I spent all day pouting because I had not received ANYTHING for my birthday yet. The day was going a little “regular” to be my 30th birthday so we decided to meet up with some friends at my best friend’s house (Danielle). We got there and it was about 9:30pm and everyone was already there. We were drinking and taking shots and having a great time. After we had my “Birthday” toast, we would be headed to “Club Miami” where my cousin Homer had set us up with V.I.P. for the night. 10:20pm rolled around and Tamika (My Fiance) wanted to give a toast at exactly 10:30pm (which was when my mother gave birth to me) so every one began to toast me individually until it was Tamika’s turn. At 10:30pm, Tamika took the next step in our relationship and with her toast to me and our love, she got down on one knee with tears streaming from her eye’s, 1 Carot (White Gold) ring in hand, and she asked me to be her wife for the rest of our lives… And I said YES!!!

Love conquers all

Love Inspiration

One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life, that word is love.

Fast Facts

First met: June 6, 2006
First date: July 7, 2006
Got engaged: October 19, 2007
Ceremony location: Four Seasons
Favorite planning resource: GayWeddings.com

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Love Conquers all
Our wedding colors: Red, Black and Gold
We will be wearing: Semi-Formal Attire
Who proposed to who: Tamika Proposed to Tamara
Our last name will be: Hammonds

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