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Kristina & Tami

We have known eachother for about 15 years or so. Well we only talked if we ran into eachother. Tami opened a store in the town I live in & we started seeing eachother alot more. Well I started going in there & hanging out with Tami & I really found out just how much we actually had in common. Tami is EVERYTHING I’ve ever hoped for, dreamed about & wished for. That’s why I said that we’re eachother’s stars because every night I’d wish on the brightest star in the sky to find my True Love & Soul Mate… then God put Tami & I togetger.

We are eachother's stars!!!!

Love Inspiration

True Love will make you do alot of things!!!

Fast Facts

First met: Thur family
First date: Was at Tami's store!!!
Got engaged: July 04, 2008
Ceremony location: Safe Heaven Farms
Favorite planning resource: internet
Honeymoon destination: Myrtle Beach, SC

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: OUR WEDDING
Our wedding colors: lavender, silver, & powder blue
We will be wearing: formal clothing
Who proposed to who: Tami proposed to me while watching the fireworks celebration
Our last name will be: Buckner

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