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Payne & Ronni

We are both goofy,we have alot in common as far as food,our future, and family. We have our up’s an downs but it has never gotten to a point where we’ve broken up or fought,ya know we are ya typical will and jada (lol)….We love going out and traveling so we keep things exciting…and blah blah blah….lol

You know what.....

Love Inspiration

We are both on the same level in all ares of our relatinship and there is a true connection between us thats unbreakable.

Fast Facts

First met: Septmeber 16,2011
First date: September 18,2011
Got engaged: September 26,2012
Ceremony date: 08/27/2011
Ceremony location: Austin,Tx
Favorite planning resource: google.com
Honeymoon destination: undecided

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Joineed Union
Our wedding colors: Cream and Silver
We will be wearing: undecided
Who proposed to who: Ronni propsoed to Payne
Our last name will be: Seacrease

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