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theresa & meghann

Amidst my life of constant never-a-regular-day-ed-ness, Meghann has been amazing.

She is just- i just dont even have adjectives that do her justice. I have NEVER felt this way about anyone, ever. And that is saying something- i mean- 13 years *shakes head like an etchasketch*

so i have been blissfully going on about in our relationship, happy as a clam, straightening out the twistier parts, untangling the more complicated bits, living, loving, lotsa laughing, planning and plotting.

i asked Meghann to marry me.

i had been planning a romantic-y, *Miss Theresa*-esque, not-too-gory, but a touch sappy way to ask her- and i was just waiting for a few things- my ability to fully trust- not only her, but myself, a rather complicated personal snarl (in my head), the ring, and the opportunity to present itself.

Well, since i finally realized that i am ruled by the Goddess, and not the other way around like i pretend, she must have decided it was time and all things fell into place so eerily. It was as if she was going thru my life and checking things off her list for me.

I woke up one morning and without thinking about it i realized that all of my trust issues were completely gone (at least in meghann’s direction and my trust in myself too, for that matter). It was just incredible. Shortly after, the complication and *LAST OF THE THINGS* just worked itself out. *Check number two*. Days after, absentmindedly i wandered over to Moonstones and found our rings. *Check three*

The last of it was the tricky part. And it got all mucky and i just forgot about it, figuring that the time would come. But man. I suck at keeping secrets. I think being cut off from lj was helpful tho. And not talking to too many people was a big thing. And all of the moving related chaos was indeed a big factor.

But the wheels were finally set in motion by the unsuspecting holly, of all people.

There were plans made for long overdue sushi- and then it was cancelled. other plans were made and then sushi was back on!

sushi was the cheese to the plan, so i sprung into action and let miss hollay in on the deal.

laughably meghann was in a p!sser of a mood and my son was cracking my @ss up. i talked to him about asking meghann to marry me, and he kept bugging me about when i was going to finally assk her…. (thankfully the little man was able to keep that secret- he was actually the first to know, sometime around christmas is when i brought it up to him, btw)

so before i knew it and had a chance to get nervous, there were finalized plans.

it went from waking up, to the next thing i knew, it was the day i was going to do it. just like that.

i didnt act suspicious or weird or nervous or sweaty, or anything, we just headed out to sushi. meghann complicated plans with some of her friends stopping by for a visit so she was less than patient while we waited for sushi.

Plan was- we would order, I’d ask, Hollay and Jeremiah would show up after- so’s not to cause spectacle whilst the asking was going on, we’d eat, go to *The Townhouse* where before i knew it, more and more people were planning on gathering, we’d get married and live happily ever (there’s some other steps in there, but you get the idea)… bing. bam. boom. right?

But like i said, ironically, miss meghann was being an impatient little p!sser… Lmao! and she insisted that we couldnt eat until Miss Hollay and jeremiah arrived…. I put our order in and excused myself to go to the ladies room. We were at our favorite, The New Dumplin House, where we are pretty recognized, and i walked over to Tall Gigglewaiterboy, and told him of my plan. He told our regular waiter, Mr. Smileywaiter the plan and the next thing i know, they run over to the sushi bar and hand the rings to the sushi chefs. Thankfully they were speaking chinese bc they were causing a ruckus. It was so laughable. They were all carrying on, bellowing at the sushi bar, and raising their arms in the air saying “HOOOooooOOOO!” and just CARRYING ON, celebrating, looking at me and smiling cheesily, and there’s meghann, stoic, in the booth.

From across the room, I immediately saw the chefs place the rings onto the tray- and people even came in and sat down at the bar- and noticed and were all goofing over it and such.. It was soOOoo funny.

Meghann still clueless as the chefs and waiter explained to the couple what was going on. They were turning and staring and Mr. Smileywaiter kept coming over, smiling, nodding and going away, as if asking if i had done it yet… I FINALLY started to get nervous. It FINALLY occurred to me that Meghann might not say yes and that i was making a big mistake and it was going to be so embarrassing and meghann was going to think i was deficient and it was weird and….. Meghann was growing more and more impatient and starting to get cranky from being hungry.

I texted Holly to just get there (they were patiently waiting at the Beehive to give mgn and i alonetime- but i told her to get there and that i hadnt done it yet and not to say anything)

I grew more nervous bc i wasnt really sure what to say.

Would the rings be enough?

Would i have to ask her “Will you marry me?”

Should i say something gory and gross and risk saying something stupid and remembering it forever?

What if i said something and it came out wrong? What if i fall all over my words? Should i really be asking her? Why was i asking her? would she have ever asked me? Am I a lesbian now bc i am going to ask a girl to marry me? Were the rings ghetto? Should i have waited? what the fck was i…. SUSHI ARRIVES.

seconds later, holly arrives.

i instantly see the rings. they are perched on a lovely cucumber flower fan. i swallowed hard.

i chickened out for a second, saying to myself that i would tell her that they were “love-rings” or something equally as hokey. but in that moment, i was not going to ask her. no way nu-uh.

i got up to hug holly and whisper “i havent done it yet. the rings are in the cucumber”

her eyes went directly to them and smiled hugely. Mr. Smileywaiter arrived again. Tall Gigglewaiterboy arrived, said his usual “Sankyou” and walked away. It was so obvious to EVERYONE but my baby. She just happily chomped sushi and smiled. I thot her eyes went to the rings once, i mean, how could she not see them? i was getting more nervous. it was starting to get weird. I was afraid i would never say anything and that would be that.

Holly, in her usual awesome way, dropped a HUGE HINT.. *laughs hysterically*. “Wow. Lookat that cucumber!”

Meghann chomped happily on. There was a ton of sushi.

Jeremiah arrives. Smile and wave. Just smile and wave everybody. That’s it, there you go.

Holly whispered to him before he could say anything. His eyes went directly to the cucumber flower fan that was making me ever more nervous.

I couldnt take it anymore and mouthed the words “KNOCK IT OVER” to holly. Whispering, “DO IT! dooooo ittttt!” Meghann devoured another piece of spider maki.

we were running out of sushi, there weren’t many rolls left. and i thot for sure, when meghann reached for the last piece of spicy tempura which was practically resting on the cucumber flowerfan she would notice….

“knock. it. over!. now! DO IT! doooooooo ittttttt”

holly is having a gigglefit.

Mr. Smileywaiter arrived again. Nodded. Eyed me.

Tall Gigglewaiterboy, “Sankyou.” Eyed me.

All the while i smiled, horrified and finally- i couldnt take it anymore.

I picked up the rings and placed them in front of Meghann.

She looked at them.

I said, *deep breath* “I am not sure when. And i’m not sure how. But I know that i want you in my life forever.”

Holly with an impossibly adorable radiating smile, sucked in her breath, like a small child seeing christmas lites…

Jeremiah looked on, unsure.

Meghann got a weird look on her face. AN unreadable, and very weird, but very typical meghannlook on her face.

She said nothing.

She looked at me as my eyes poured into her.

I raised my eyebrows and with all of the courage i had, said—–


Holly stopped breathing.

Jeremiah squirmed.

The sushi chefs stared on.

Meghann just looked at me, with that usual “what-the-fck-are-you-up-to-now,-theresa” look that i am so familiar with.

I swallowed hard, tasting wasabi and feeling salmon roe in my teeth, and said, “will you marry me?”

Meghann’s response- “Are you serious?” which i took as, “Obviously, you dummy, why wouldnt i?”

And i looked at her, not smiling, as serious as i have ever been in my life (which was probably why she asked again, because i’m NEVER SERIOUS and she assumed i was messing around) and said “are you serious?”

which made me swallow hard again, bc this time it sounded like “of course NOT, you dumb b!tch. Why would i want to marry you?”

I summoned up the last of my seriousness and waved a hand away at Holly and Jeremiah who’s mouths were open and they were ogling us, as if we were the friday cliffhanger on a soap….

and said, “yes. will you marry me?”

and she shook her little freckly head and smiled this smile that has forever been stamped on my heart. we kissed and i stopped myself from crying. and we all finally breathed normally again.

It was perfect.

The other stuff, the when’s, where’s and how’s will work themselves out eventually, but for now, I am just incredibly happy.


"Yer the one i like."

Fast Facts

First met: Through friends at UPSTAGE. I thot she was deadsexy.
First date: May somethin or other.... not sure it was a date though....
Got engaged: March 15, 2006
Ceremony location: Avonworth Park
Favorite planning resource: My own creative little brain.
Honeymoon destination: we want to go someplace tropical- possibly an Olivia cruise

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Spring Green and Canary
We will be wearing: Me- a fluffy glittery green dress, her a cream linen suit
Who proposed to who: Me to her.
Our last name will be: Bosco-Wilson

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