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Terrica & La Toya

We met on November 13,2005 at a little club called The LaCabana in Cartersville,GA. That date happens to be Terrica’s B-Day. We talk a little bit and got to know each other a little. She said that I was looking mean or mad at the world and I was. Thats what got her attention. We saw each other the folling week and exchange numbers. I was a little bossy that night, I made her walk me to the door. She pulled me in the bathroom and kissed me. I knew that I wanted her to kiss me again, but that didn’t come until later on. We started talking on the phone and started hanging out everyday. A month later on December 6,2005 Terrica asked me to be her girl. I said I don’t know but I got home and called her and told her yes. From then on we have been attach at the hip.

On Feb 14,2006 Terrica proposed in a sweet way. We were having one of our moments outside listen to music by the car. She asked me to dance with her, the CD that was playing was Luther Vandross. She then got down on one knee and said “La Toya I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFE IT SELF AND I CAN’T SEE ME SPENDING MY LIFE WITH ANYONE ELES, WILL YOU MARRY ME?” I didn’t say anything I just laughed but we all know the answer, its YES!

Our relationship has had alot of ups and downs. We have broken up and gotten back together so many times, but we know that our love will stand all the test of time and yes the SEX is GREAT!!!!!!!!! So here we are almost two years have passed and we are ready to take this a little futher.

2005 til 4-ever

Fast Facts

First met: November 13,2005
First date: Bowling alley
Got engaged: Feb 14,2006
Ceremony location: unsure at the moment

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Two Hearts As One
Our wedding colors: RED, WHITE, (GREEN)
We will be wearing: Toya(dress) Terrica (tuxedo)
Who proposed to who: Terrica proposed to La Toya
Our last name will be: Moore

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