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Theo & Quint

Quint: I had just relocated to New York and was still looking for an apartment when I was invited to a dinner party by a friend of a friend. When I walked into the living room, my attention was immediately caught by a young man singing and playing the piano. He had the voice of an angel.

Theo: He couldn’t take his eyes off me all night – I know because I couldn’t take my eyes off him either – but neither of us felt ready for a relationship at the time. Weeks later, at a New Year’s Eve party, I jumped his bones. Quint proposed on our third anniversary.

"Look up at the stars, they're shining tonight. As long as they are there, I am right here by your side." - Evermore, by the Young Dubliners

Fast Facts

First met: December 2006
First date: New Year's Eve 2006
Got engaged: New Year's Eve 2008
Ceremony date: 08/06/2010
Ceremony location: Provincetown, MA

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: a wedding
Our wedding colors: brown and blue
We will be wearing: black tuxes, with a bow tie for Quint and no tie for Theo
Who proposed to who: Quint proposed to Theo
Our last name will be: the same as they've always been

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